#58: Zombie Jesus

After the Easter festivities Dustin and Chase sit down to discuss bizarre holiday traditions, domestic and foreign. As always, geekiest thing of the week plays a role in this episode but the boys throw the audience an unusual curve ball and put the bit at the end of the show. Strange and bizarre things are happening and the only way to truly experience it all is to hit that play button. Enjoy!

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#57: Adventures at the TCM Film Festival

Dustin talks to Chase about his experience at the TCM Film Festival. They discuss Willy Wonka, The Princess Bride, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Planet of the Apes, The Graduate and Dr. Strangelove, all of which were screened at the festival. The duo gets deep when talking about Chase’s experience in a Beverly Hill’s mansion, and on the flip side, seeing the poverty of the Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

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#56: Moonlight: A Movie Review

Chase and Dustin are back with a long awaited movie review. They jump in head first and scattered brained with the critically acclaimed and award winning production, Moonlight. This episode gets deep but begins on a lighter note with an analysis of trailers from upcoming movies and television: Game of Thrones Season 7 and 2017’s IT. Join them once again down the rabbit hole of cinema.

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#54: A Conversation with Booze Guru, Tim Smith

Tim Smith is the founder of Ogden’s Own Distillery. In this episode Dustin and Chase delve deep into Tim’s life, starting in the West Texas desert and ending up in Ogden, Utah to found the state’s second distillery.




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#53: A Conversation with Hip Hop Artist, Earthworm

Dustin and Chase have a conversation with hip hop artist, Earthworm. The lads catch up on old times and discuss growing up in the local music scene together. They delve in to Earthworm’s new album ‘Flowers’ and the homegrown nature of his craft. Earthworm’s CD release will be held at Kamikazes, 2404 Adams Ave, Ogden, UT 84401. 

Spotify: Search “Earthworm”

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/earth-worm801

Youtube: https://youtu.be/GkaZ2ZYN1KM

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#52: Dreams, Deja Vu and Movie Quote Trivia

Denny graces Dustin and Chase with his upbeat and energetic presence on today’s one of a kind episode. The three boys, or shall we call them strapping young men, discuss dreams, deja vu and dream jobs. The episode closes with another fantastically produced round of trivia. Today’s trivia topic is movie quotes.

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#51: A Conversation With Film Maker Jimmy Weber and Producer Annie Baker

Dustin has a conversation with Jimmy Weber and Annie Baker. Jimmy and Annie are an independent film duo. Jimmy a director, editor and writer and Annie a producer. Their breakout 2014 film “EAT” is a modern horror film about a starving actress named Novella McClure who finds her own flesh oddly satisfying. Dustin, Jimmy and Annie discuss the art of film making and delve into horror and all things geeky.

Eat Synopsis:

Novella McClure is like most struggling actresses in Los Angeles: she’s in her early 30s, her fake name sounded cooler ten years ago, and she hasn’t landed a role in three years. To top it all off, she’s developed a disturbing habit of eating her own flesh. Novella desperately tries to hide her strange condition from her motherly landlord, Eesha, and somewhat psychopathic best friend, Candice, but her body and mind continue to deteriorate in the depressing world of failed auditions and sketchy night clubs. Can a romantic relationship with her psychiatrist prevent her from self destruction? Or will her fatal habit continue to eat away at her?



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#50: Poker, Super Powers and Paranormal Experiences

Dustin, Chase and Andrew are back for another life changing episode of Let There Be Geeks. They discuss poker, odd jobs, super powers and paranormal experiences. The episode closes with a round of Nintendo trivia hosted by the trivia king, Chase.

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